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Indrakshi mala

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Product Name: Indrakshi mala

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The Indrakshi rudraksha mala is the ultimate epitome of combinations when it comes to rudraksha beads. this mala is the apex of all power , blessings and protection.Very rare and selected persons can only possess this mala , as possessor of such a mala practiaclly has the power of the universe in his own hands.The design, instruction and detailed descrption of this mala are present in the Katyayani Tantra and posessor of such a mala has the ultimate power in his hands.This mala grants a person "Iccha siddhi" meaning , whatever wish a person has manfiests in the present universe to come true.The blessings of Lord Shiv, Vishnu, Durga , Ganesha . Surya and all demigods always stay with a person and all his desires always get fulfilled.This mala contains all the primary mukhis from 1-14 with additional gaurishankar beads also.

Benefits of Indrakshi Mala:-
1.Gives the wearer protection from all natural and unnatural calamities and protects the wearer from all dangers and any kind of harm.
2.On seeing the wearer of this mala, all evils , negativity and bad forces are dispelled.
3.This mala wearer all the 9 planets favorable for a person and nothing remains impossible for such a person to accomplish.
4.This mala should be worn by everyone but is highly recommended for celebrities, VVip's ,Mayor, Chancellor, Prime Minister , President and Governer posts.
5.A person who wears this mala is awake and constantly sending signals 24X7 to the universe for instant fruitful manifestation.

This mala is strung specifically as per our own patented "Rudrkasha Amplification Effect" based upon instructions mentioned in Srimad Devi Bhagwata Purana.
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Indrakshi mala in Gold cap

Indrakshi mala in Gold cap

$ 0.00
Set in 22ct gold.approx 30gms used.Kindly email for purchase.
Indrakshi mala in Silver cap

Indrakshi mala in Silver cap

$ 0.00
Set in 92.5 sterling silver.approx 50gms used.Kindly email for purchase.


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